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Skipping rope, commonly known as the jumping rope used to be a playground pastime. Skipping rope can be found in almost every gym. It can be used for multiple purposes like warm-up, cardio training etc. It is a good alternative to running and may be used outdoor or indoors.

Benefits of skipping rope:

  1. Jumping ropes can be useful for the fighter for their coordination and footwork.
  2. Skipping can be an indoors low-impact alternative to running.
  3. It tones your upper and lower body and adds great value in your training.
  4. It is a full body workout which not only improves your workout but builds speed, endurance and power.
  5. It can help improve your footwork, agility, resting heart rate and overall health.

What can you do with a skipping rope?

There are a lot of things you can do with a skipping rope ; double-under, triple-under, high knees, cross up, reverse skipping, under the knee, the list goes on… It can be impressive to watch, but mastering the skill does take time and practice.

Recommended by boxing trainers:

Liam Cullen, a master of boxing at BLOK  Manchester, says that “The great thing about skipping is it allows you to burn more calories than running and is easier on the joints”.  He also says that “Skipping also provides mental stimulation, which can make it more fun than running”. “The calories burned per minute increase by as much as 25% in comparison to running, meaning you can burn through anywhere between 10-20 calories a minute, depending on how intense you’re spinning that rope”.

Best skipping ropes:

We have compiled a list of the best Skipping ropes for you. The list contains resistance bands that vary in brand, size, material and use. We have considered the following factors while preparing the list for you:

  • 1. Top quality: We have selected ropes with top quality, design and durability.
  • 2. Extra features: Many of the Skipping ropes offer extra features.
  • 3. User experience: The items on our list have maximum positive reviews.
  • 4. Price: Jumping ropes worth your money value.
  • 5. Availability: All the items are available at the stores.

1. Amazon Basics Adjustable-Length Cable Jump Rope


MaterialAlloy Steel
BrandAmazon Basics
Item Weight0.26 Pounds

About this item:

  • Lightweight cable jump rope for integrating high-intensity cardio training into any workout
  • Jump rope exercises help increase the heart rate, burn calories, enhance coordination, and tone legs, glutes, shoulders, arms, and core
  • Length can be easily adjusted to accommodate different users from kids to tall adults; fold-over cable system (no need for a screwdriver or any tools)
  • Liquid steel bearings for strength; tape handles provide a non-slip grip for a secure hold
  • Measures 118 inches long with 1-inch diameter handles; length is adjustable

2. Gaiam Essential jump rope


Handle MaterialFoam

About this item:

  • Standard jump rope for quickly integrating high-intensity cardio training into any workout.
  • Increases the heart rate, burns calories, enhances coordination, and tones legs, glutes, shoulders, arms, and core.
  • Length can be easily adjusted to accommodate different users.
  • Lightweight plastic (PP) cord; ball-bearing handles made of PVC and comfortable NBR foam; sleek black color.
  • Measures 110 inches long by 2.2 inches in diameter; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

3. Champion Sports Segmented Jump Rope


BrandChampion Sports
Handle MaterialPlastic
Item Weight0.06 Pounds

About this item:

  • Ready for fun: Get ready to jump with this beaded kids jump rope for girls and boys from Champion Sports This colorful workout jump rope has a lightweight, durable design that is the perfect piece of equipment for games and exercise
  • Classic design: This skipping rope features traditional plastic segments that are perfect for cardio workouts and having fun The sound of the beads hitting the floor with each rotation helps develop rhythm and improve coordination
  • Perfect for any jumper: This kid’s jump rope is 7 feet long, but they are available in multiple lengths to accommodate adult jumpers. Each fitness jump rope comes in bright red and white to make it fun for anyone to use.
  • Great for exercise: Whether you’re looking for an easy, fun workout or playing games with friends, our jump rope for kids is the perfect piece of equipment. This skip rope can be used for cardio workouts, physical education, or youth camps

4. BodySport ZZR184 Beaded Jump Rope


BrandBody Sport
Handle MaterialFoam
Item Weight0.02 Pounds

About this item:

  • Constructed of durable, woven, nylon rope covered with plastic beading.
  • Plastic handles with foam covering.
  • 9 feet long.

5. SKLZ Adjustable Jump Rope


Item Weight0.04 Kilograms

About this item:

  • Exceptional value, durable jump rope
  • Ergonomic, padded grips
  • Great tool for improving coordination, footwork and quickness
  • Adjustable rope length
  • Center-mounted swivel

6. Amazon Basics Aluminum Handle Speed Jump Rope


BrandAmazon Basics
Handle MaterialAluminum
Item Weight0.37 Pounds

About this item:

  • Speed jump rope for quickly integrating high-intensity cardio training into any workout
  • Increases the heart rate, burns calories, enhances coordination, and tones legs, glutes, shoulders, arms, and core
  • Length of jump rope cable can be easily adjusted to accommodate different users
  • Aluminum handles provide a non-slip grip for a secure hold; cool blue color
  • Measures 118 inches long by 1 inch in diameter; backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty

7. Amazon Basics Standard Jump Rope


BrandAmazon Basics
Handle MaterialFoam
Item Weight0.41 Pounds

About this item:

  • JUMP ROPE: Features a 9ft adjustable length, soft foam grip handles and tangle-free non kink vinyl covered jumping cable rope – ideal for beginners and kids to adults and advanced athletes and training at home or in gyms, clubs and studios
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Ideal for all ages, as the 9ft length is adjustable to fit all user types and heights. See packaging for proper fit technique and alignment.
  • SOFT FOAM GRIP HANDLES: Jump rope features soft foam grip handles for greater control and feel – ideal for light cardio and basic exercise for beginners and kids who need a softer, more comfortable grip
  • NON KINK ROPE: Tangle free nylon covered jumping rope will not kink or get tangled up while in motion
  • GAIAM ESSENTIALS: Wherever you are on your fitness journey, finding functional products at a value is always a plus. Gaiam Essentials offers a wide selection of colors and styles designed to keep your practice moving.
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