Jimmy Carter turns 98 today. Here's how our oldest former president plans to celebrate


Jimmy Carter is called a better former president and  praised for decades for his globe-trotting human rights advocate and humanitarian


Jimmy Carter,  the longest-living U.S. president will celebrate his 98th birthday in Plains on Saturday with family and friends

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Jason Carter, Jimmy grandson now head of Carter Center board, praised him as  an outspoken Christian with full of life and legacy 


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The younger Carter, age 47, paid tribute by saying, “it's  just a beautiful blessing for all of us to know him personally". 

Image credit: Independent tribune

Carter leaders said the former president, survived a cancer diagnosis in 2015 and serious fall in 2019, enjoyed reading messages sent by lovers 


Jason Carter included that grandfather looking forward to a simple day with family enjoying Major League Baseball team, the Atlanta Braves and have fun

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