How to Lose Weight on Whole30 and Keep It Off

 If you’ve been reading about the latest diet trends, then you’ve definitely heard about Whole30. Whole30 diet can transform the way you eat 

The benefit of Whole30 is that it encourages eating whole foods, which are foods in their most natural state 

The diet isn’t meant to help you shed pounds, but you can drop the weight if you follow these tips 

How can you get the most out of the Whole30 program? Here’s how to set yourself up for Whole30 succes   

1-Clean your kitchen which means Stock up on vegetables, fruits, lean protein, eggs, nuts and seeds, and approved dairy-free item 

Dashed Trail

2-Make a weekly menu and go for shopping to bring the items that help in weight loss

3-Do some meal planning-The more that you meal prep ahead of time, the less likely you’ll be to find yourself starving 

4-Keep approved snacks on hand 5-Do your homework means stick on your plan  6-Find new ways to socialize 

7- Accept slip-ups and move on 8-Avoid SWYPO (Sex With Your Pants On)  9-Reintroduce foods one at a time

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