How a Calorie deficit diet really works for weight loss

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In the diet world, there’s one eating plan that’s been popular for ages: The calorie deficit diet 

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The concept behind the calorie deficit diet is pretty simple: You try to eat fewer calories than you burn 

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Cording says Calories are one of the primary factors in weight gain or weight loss 

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If somebody is consuming fewer calories than they burn, that can result in weight loss 

if you typically eat 2,200 calories a day, on a calorie deficit diet, you should lose weight if you strive to cut that back to 2,000 or so calories a day 

Hunnes says when we take in fewer calories than we burn, our body has to get the energy from somewhere to continue its natural functioning 

additional energy for body functions will come from stored energy within our own bodies.

Your body will  burn fat first then glycogen, which is what carbs are turned into in your body after you eat them and ultimately weightloss occurs 

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