Is Sirtfood Diet a Healthy Way to Lose Weight?

The Sirtfood Diet Promotes healthy foods but is restrictive in calories and food choices  

The sirtfood diet focuses on eating a group of “wonderfoods” that include nutrient-rich options like kale, cocoa, strawberries, and coffee 

Sirtfood diet food plan is divided into 2 phases 1- Phase 1 lasts for 7 days, 1st 3days take 1 green juice and 1 regular meals having sirtfood diet (1000 calories a day)

from 4th to 7th day take 2 juices and 2 meals daily (1500 calories a day) 2- phase 2 is 14 days maintenance phase. here U can intake 3 meals and 1 juice in a day

Don't worry sirtfood helps you to lose weight. here are the few sietfoods u may add to your daily routines 

Dashed Trail

1- green tea 2- cocoa powder 3– turmeric 4- Kale 5- Onions 6- Parsley  7– broccoli

8– cauliflower 9– olive oil 10– olive 11– apple 12– red grape 13- chocolate

14– oily fish, like salmon, trout, and mackerel  15- strawberries 16– matcha green tea 17– buckwheat 18- Soy 19-arugula 

20-bird’s eye chili 21-lovage 22– Medjool date 23– red chicory 24-blueberrie 25-caper 26- Red Wine

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